Setting up your program

After we've received the agreement and payment, we'll add your program to the site and email you that it's ready for the finishing touches.

You'll need to Login, then select "Admin" from the top black menu and then select "General"


This is what you will see:

  1. Team Name: Enter the school or program name here.
  2. Contact Email: A valid administrative email is required here. This email address is used as a contact link on the mini-site and will receive notifications about bounced emails and problems with text (SMS) and phone.
  3.  MPG: Miles per gallon - This is the number used to calculate the gallons of gas saved. Changing this will alter the calculation for all future scans. It is NOT retroactive.
  4. Gas Cost: This is the local price of gas per gallon, that is used to calculate the dollars saved. This can be changed as often as you like. New scans submitted after the price adjustment will use the new cost. It is not retroactive and will only be used on future calculations. 
  5. Zip Code: This is how we capture the local temperature and conditions. 
  6. Allowed Transportation Types: Check all the transportation types your program allows. 
After making changes click the "Update" buttons to save.

Adding Teachers

Before you can accept any registration you need to input all the teachers and grades.
1. Click the "Teachers" tab at the top.

2. Click the "Add New Teacher" button.

3. Input teacher name and click the "Add/Update" button.
4. Repeat for all Teachers.


Notification options:

Click the "Notification" tab.
  1. Message: You can include a short message that is included with every text (SMS) or email that is sent out. This message is NOT sent to those receiving phone notifications. 
  2. Email Subject: Add your program name to all outgoing email notifications
  3. Allowed notifications: Check each notification type your program allows. 
  4. Include summaries of: Each of these is provided as student feedback and sent with the notification. You can select any three options. The last one is "Trip Count" This returns the number of trips to school that student has made. There are three options under trip count, "Contest" a period of time you define, "School Year" and "Lifetime". These come in handy when encouraging students to take a specific number of trips during the week or month. For more info see Virtual Badges

Feedback Example

Example of student feedback for scanning. Notice the "Pause" link in the upper right hand side of the green feedback area. Click this to pause the display.  

Email Example


Email example of notification sent to parent. Note that the program administrator's email address is included with all emails. 



If your program is using the publicly available Mini-Site see this support article for help.

Processing Electronic Registration Forms

If you have enabled electronic registration see this support article for help.

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