Sharing Run Club Stats with Parents

You can send run club reports to parents by email with a secure URL only they can view.
Each email is sent with a unique URL that expires after 30 days.
Example report URL:

1. Add the email address to the student account.

The email can be included with the original import or added later.
Use the Search utility to find and update the student account.
Example single email:
You can add up to three emails per account separated by a comma.

2. Create the Email

Click the link under
ADMIN SETTINGS >> Email Admins/Parents
(if you do not see this link, you do not have the required permissions and will need to contact your site administrator to request access.)
Be sure the "Include Secure Run Club URL" is selected.
In the example above Mrs. Smith is only sending an email to the parents in her classroom. You can optionally select any or all the teachers by clicking the "all" or cmd+clicking the teacher name to select only a few..
Click the "Next" button

3. Confirm Recipients and Message

Uncheck any emails you do not want to send and confirm the subject and message are ready to send.
At the bottom of the message is and example URL showing you where it will be replaced. 
Click the "Send Now" button to deliver the individual messages. 

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