Rejected Email

What is a rejected email?


Recipient email addresses are added to the rejection list when one of the following events occurs:

  1. The recipient address bounces (returned as a bad address),
  2. The recipient address registers a spam complaint,
  3. The recipient address is manually added to the rejection list.

While an email address is active on the rejection list, emails to the address will be given a state of rejected and we will not attempt to deliver the emails. This helps to prevent sending emails to an email address that is no longer valid, may be having temporary issues, or doesn't wish to receive emails from us. Once a rejection expires, if an email is sent to the address, We will attempt to deliver the message.

We automatically uncheck the email option when a rejected email is received. 
To reactivate a rejected email address contact us at, confirm the address is good and the customer wishes to receive email again. We will manually remove this address from the rejected list and notify you.


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