New School Year, Do I have to reregister all the students?

“Do I have to reregister all the students?”

No, but we do need to move them into the new teacher/grade.
Hopefully you’ve reminded your students to keep their barcode tags for the new year.
On each barcode tags first scan, you will be redirected and prompted to update the teacher.

Example of web interface:

After you have change the teacher click the green “Update and Scan” button. 
Now you are ready for the next student. 

IOS Scanning App.

The app now support, teacher updates as well.
You will be prompted on the first scan of the year to set the students new teacher/grade.


User Totals?

You also have one additional option when renewing, you can choose to keep each students cumulative milage statistics (these are the feedback total miles displayed when they scan in) or set them all back to zero. All user statistics are maintained if you set it back to zero, the only thing we change is the feedback mileage.

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